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Our First Social: Hand Painting Workshop with Peter Xandrix

After the much-successful collaboration with Filipino artist from New York, Peter Xandrix, Annie & Lori in partnership with Common Thread will held its first-ever hand painting workshop.

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    What To Expect:

    • Learn how to handpaint, tips and tricks, from the artist himself, Peter Xandrix
    • Hand Paint your own new Annie & Lori pair.
    • Special Gift from Annie & Lori and Common Thread.
    • Own a special prize via raffle on the day itself.
    • Meet new friends

    About Peter Xandrix:


    Peter graduated with a degree in Fine Arts. He is also an accredited Interior Designer. He worked as a Product Designer for an importer of home accessories and decor in New York City. He also worked as an Events Designer in the Philippines. Interest include graphic design, art appreciation, pop culture, street photography, journalism and travelling.

    Peter have worked in Hong Kong, China, Japan, Germany, Netherlands, UK and USA. He lived in New York City for 12 years. Now in the Philippines, he’s pursuing a career in visual arts and developing personal and commercial design projects.


    Previous Collaboration with Peter Xandrix:


    See you in our first social!


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