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Handpainted Summer Collection

Annie & Lori x Peter Xandrix Hand painted Summer Collection


The collection embraces the vibrancy of nature and evolves the classic Crostini and Behati to wearable (pieces) for summer. Patterns feature palm greens, lilies, hibiscus and birds of paradise. A combination of bright pigments and rich textures celebrate summer’s energetic mix.

In Peter Xandrix’s words: 

“New York was home for over a decade. It was charming yet chaotic, creative yet challenging. You either love or hate the place. It can be unforgiving but I always found solitude in my apartment.

I’ve always kept a piece of ‘home’ in the house– a monstera on a corner, a complimentary planter on another and an indoor palm to tie them all together. It’s a place where you can escape the city; where you can sit back and relax. Its home.

This hand-painted collection is special as it takes me ‘home’– a perfect complement to that crazy city life.

Flowers in full bloom, green leaves, birds chirping, warm rays of the sun.

This Annie and Lori x Peter Xandrix collaboration is like having your own piece of tropical paradise that you can take with you everywhere you go.”


About the Artist:

Peter holds a degree in Fine Arts and he is also an accredited Interior Designer.

He lived in New York City for 12 years where he worked as a Product Designer for an importer of home accessories and decor. He also worked in Hong Kong, China, Japan, Germany, Netherlands, UK and USA.

Now in the Philippines, Peter is continuing a career in visual arts and developing personal and commercial design projects. He is passionate about Furtraits and he has mastered the use of ball point pen as a tool to create surreal and gorgeous art pieces.

Peter’s other interest include graphic design, art appreciation, pop culture, street photography, journalism and travelling.


Behati Amaretto in Bird’s Paradise

Php 3,299

Crostini White in Floral and Summer Leaves

Php 2,799



  • The Hand painted Summer Collection is currently exclusive only for online orders.
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  • The Hand painted Summer Collection will be available in limited numbers only.
  • Since the collection is also a limited edition, any exchanges will not be allowed, hence we highly encourage to make sure your ordered size is correct.
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